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For restaurants

We have a large-capacity pack for restaurants. We will provide from 500g upon request. Please use the additive-free Kyoto style pickls(called “KYO-ZUKE”) that uses plenty of vegetables from Kyoto that you can't taste anywhere else. It is possible to adjust the seasoning and salting to suit the store at the manufacturing stage. Please feel free to contact us.

Product list

frozen vegetables



It is a pickle that mixes traditional Kyoto vegetables such as Shogoin cucumber, Mibuna, and Kamo eggplant. It is a delicious gem that you can feel the ancient city of Kyoto by aging it for over a year.

Seasonal vegetable-ZUKE


Seasonal vegetables from Kyoto are simply pickled with salt, chili and kelp. It is a pickle with plenty of seasonality to enjoy the taste of vegetables. The cooking liquor carefully selected by the 4th generation uses no additives to maximize the flavor. Sprinkle with shichimi or soy sauce if you like.



It is possible to make pickles with an original blend from various vegetables cultivated in KYOZUKE. You can also choose with or without seasoning to make it easier to use in the store. We will respond to various requests.

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