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We offer various Kyoto style pickles (called KYO-ZUKE). You can enjoy high-quality KYO-ZUKE that makes the best use of the original taste of vegetables by sticking to the additive-free manufacturing method. We have a large lineup of low-salt products and organic pickles for health-conscious customers. In addition, we can respond to all requests from product design to PB support.



Using carefully selected fresh vegetables from Kyoto, the eggplants and cucumbers are slowly pickled using traditional methods and finely chopped. Since they have been pressed with a stone weight for over a year, they are very chewy and exquisite. 


A luxurious pickle made from 100% Kamo eggplant, a traditional vegetable from Kyoto. It has an elegant and refreshing taste, and is a gem that makes Kamo-nasu's unique texture a habit. 


It is a pickle that mixes traditional Kyoto vegetables such as Shogoin cucumber, Mibu greens, and Kamo eggplant. It is a delicious gem that you can feel the ancient city of Kyoto by aging it for over a year. 


Mibuna, a traditional Kyoto vegetable that has been carefully pre-pickled in bran and aged, has a golden glow. The broth is soaked in white soy sauce. Please enjoy the richness and deep taste of old pickles.



It is a gem unique to KYOZUKE, which is made by soaking high-quality bamboo shoots from Kyoto in a tsukudani style. The scent of Japanese pepper accentuates the appetite. 


The cucumber, which has been carefully aged for a year, is soaked in mustard and jiuqu. The spicy taste of mustard enhances the taste of aged cucumber. It is a gem that boasts the chewy texture of cucumber. 


Where can I eat the chewy pickles that are nostalgic for Japan? The answer is this product. It is no exaggeration to say that Shibazuke is used to enjoy the texture of cucumber. The texture of the cucumber that has been aged for a long time with a firm weight is outstanding. 


An epoch-making healthy pickle that can take more than 10 kinds of vegetables at once. It is also recommended for those who are worried about lack of vegetables. It is characterized by its garlic flavor and rich flavor. 



Suguki, one of the three major pickles in Kyoto, are grown from sowing to create a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Suguki that has been slowly aged is soaked in white soy sauce. The unique flavor and deep taste unique to suguki are personal.


Using kelp and dried bonito from Rishiri, Hokkaido, we use the method taught by the restaurant to make the best soup stock. It is a gem with a condensed flavor that combines the golden soup stock and the specially selected brewed soy sauce. In addition, the scent of garlic is appetizing. The 4th generation has conducted research and carefully selected cooking liquor without using additives to maximize the taste. It goes well with beer and sake. 


We will deliver the aged fermented bran bed that has been passed down since 1918. Since it is an aged bran floor, there is no need to throw it away and you can start pickling it immediately using the attached vegetables and container. It is a bran floor that can be used for a long time if you take care of it. You can enjoy delicious bran pickles with the help of lactic acid bacteria in Kameoka, Kyoto.


We carefully selected and carefully selected the traditional vegetable Shogoin turnips from Kyoto. By using carefully selected Hon Mirin for the turnips that have the fineness of the skin and the sweetness, the gem of Kyoto pickles, "Kyoto Senmaizuke" is born. From planting turnips to seasoning, the intuition of Kyoto-zuke craftsmen is clear. 

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