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Company Profile

We have been manufacturing and selling Japanese style pickles since 1918. We have developed and established an additive-free manufacturing method called "KYO-ZUKE" for the pickles from the beginning and have accumulated technology for 100 years. Then, in 2020, the technology was inherited by the 4th generation, and at the same time, we started a new initiative to consistently manufacture the pickles from seeding. Please enjoy KYOZUKE's constantly evolving "KYO-ZUKE" world. 

Product introduction 


For retails

We offer various pickles. You can enjoy high-quality Kyoto tsukemono that makes the best use of the original taste of vegetables by sticking to the additive-free manufacturing method. We have a large lineup of low-salt products and organic pickles for health-conscious customers. In addition, we can respond to all requests from product design to PB support. 

For resutaurants

We have a large-capacity pack for restaurants. We will provide from 500g upon request. Please use the additive-free Kyoto style pickls(called “KYO-ZUKE”) that uses plenty of vegetables from Kyoto that you can't taste anywhere else. It is possible to adjust the seasoning and salting to suit the store at the manufacturing stage. Please feel free to contact us.

For gifts

Choose KYOZUKE gifts for your loved ones and friends. We also offer additive-free and unique organic JAS-certified Kyo-tsukemono. It is a gift that you can fully enjoy the taste of Kyoto vegetables. It is a lineup of confidence that you can enjoy a special time when you eat.

For overseas

We have products that can be distributed overseas. Not only refrigerated but also frozen products are available, so it can withstand long-term shipping. It has a track record of handling in the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, etc., and due to the recent boom in Japanese food, pickles are also attracting attention as Japanese healthy food. It is also possible to adjust the taste according to the local food culture.

Contact us

Address: 1-3, Dononishi, Umaji-cho, Kameoka-shi, Kyoto

621-0008, Japan

Tel:+81 771-56-8003

Fax:+81 771-25-7601

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